About the Author

I began writing creatively and making photographs in 1988 while in at The Evergreen State College. After graduation from TESC, I co-founded Plazm magazine, a print “gallery” of creative endeavors, mostly of emerging artists (1991-1994).

I moved on to become an English teacher; I taught English for twenty years–grades 7-12 and college Composition. I then took a Master’s in Environmental Studies and founded The Ecotone Exchange, a blog of positive stories about the environment, where you can find my environmental journalism (2013-present). For some crazy reason, I also have a Master’s in Creative Non-fiction.

My “other” profession is bartending, which I love.

I’ve a good case of wanderlust, so much of my creative work flows from my travels. I live in Portland, Oregon (not to be confused with Portlandia), spent a good part of my childhood living in Micronesia and Thailand and traveling Asia. As an adult, I travel often to Hawaii and Europe and amble around the Pacific Northwest.

About this Site

I’m always interested in the stories of the (metaphoric) beautiful enchilada–what a person ate that day that tasted good, the beautiful tree s/he saw on the way to work…the positive in this messy world. I want that gritty beauty in my life, my consciousness, and my conversations. I’m done with the mundane, the mediocre, the negative; the shit.

I’m a talker, and I spend a good portion of my day carrying on in my head in some form of social commentary, so here I will be publishing it as a conversation with you…

This is site of stories–visual and text–about a variety of subjects, about developing purposeful narratives as an expression of what I see in the experiences I have.

The Conversation

I’d love to hear your reaction to my stories, and I’m happy to provide any further information about the subjects. More information is available on my Contact page.

I also offer Writing Services through this site.




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