Writing Services

Your voice matters in this crazy world.

I love working with writers, and am good at it. I can help any writer fluidly move from idea to defining purpose and audience, to structure, to style, to editing, to finished product. Working with a writing coach/editor takes the edge off the writer’s angst, lends clarity to the process, and is fun.

I can work with you on any level of your writing process or project.

Here’s the menu:

Initial conversation, brainstorm, me-listening-to-your-idea session: takes about an hour, will cost you the price of a cup of coffee or tea or chai at a local coffee shop. If we’re working remotely, it’s free.

Writing Coach: in this role, I help you move your writing process along…sort of like I am teaching you how to go about getting the ideas down on paper OR I project manage a writing project for you by concept mapping, defining next steps, setting deadlines, reading drafts and providing global feedback, suggesting techniques and tools.

For this level of work I charge $50 an hour for projects of 100 pages or fewer, and $100 an hour for projects over 100 pages or for ongoing consultation.

Content Editing: in this role, I dig into what you’re writing–development of ideas, narrative structure and organization, and style/fluidity. I look for balance in development and voice.

For this level of work I charge $100 an hour.

Line Editing and Proof-reading: in this role, I work to find any errors. This is time-consuming and tedious work, and takes more than one look at the pages.

For this level of work I charge $150 an hour.

Academic Tutoring: I have extensive experience and expertise in helping students succeed with school-based writing at any grade level and in college.

For this level of work I charge $75 an hour, unless you are a former student of mine, then I charge $25 an hour. If you are a close friend, I do not charge for this level of work.

I do offer a friends and family discount on all writing services: half price of the fees listed above.

Why hire me:

  • I have 20 years of experience as an English teacher at the high school and community college levels, and the comment I most often got from students was that I really taught them how to write;
  • I co-founded and was the first Managing Editor of Plazm magazine;
  • I am the founder and Managing Editor of The Ecotone Exchange and write here at The Diary of Beautiful Enchiladas;
  • I have four college degrees, all based on writing: BA in Social Change, Writing and Photography; Master’s in Teaching English Language Arts; Master’s of Science in Environmental Written Communication; Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Non-fiction;
  • I’m really good at what I do.

To schedule a consult or to ask me anything about the writing services I offer, please use the Contact page on this site.



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